Sony A7III. Ещё одна радость от тёти Сони

Sony A7 III

While not cheap by any means, there is no camera today, that one can get for $2k or less that does what the A7III does. It gives us so much, for not so much money especially when compared to the competition.

This is an important camera as it is the first to offer full frame, 15 stop DR, 4K video, dual slots, amazing AF speed of the A9 and a battery that is rated to over 700 shots for this kind of investment. Weather sealing is here, as is EYE AF, as always with these Sony cameras. This may be called “The Basic Model” by Sony but I feel they are doing that as some sort of joke as this camera is far from basic.

This is indeed a sort of stripped down A9, and of course you do not get all of the benefits of the $2500 more expensive A9, but you do get that AF system from the A9 as well as some other features from the new bodies that Sony has recently introduced (Joystick, Dual Card Slots New Battery System) Sony has also created an all new sensor for this camera and it performs VERY well. It should as Sony makes sensors for many cameras and they are a world leader in Sensor technology.

Sony A7III with the Voigtlander 40 1.2 at f/2. So rich, so much depth  – but that is partly the lens. This lens is so beautiful I recommend it to all Sony shooters. It allows you to really experience that manual focus experience and delivers f1/.2 for low light. Small in size and such a high performance lens. 


The Sony A7III Review Part 1. Why this may be the one you have been waiting for.

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