Первый автофокусный адаптер для объективов Leica M!

На мануальные стёкла с байнетом Leica M можно будет снимать в режиме автофокуса?
То, о чём так долго говорили большевики, свершилось.
Охренеть, дайте две!

Techart PRO has adopted the z-shift technology where the Leica M bayonet is able to extend and retract. The distance between the lens and the camera sensor is hereby changed in order to reach the focus. The mechanism is quite similar to Contax AX system where the flange distance is changed for autofocusing. Techart PRO has electronic contacts to communicate with the Sony A7II and Sony A7RII and uses its PDAF system to measure focus. The built-in motor will then drive the bayonet forward by a maximum of 4.5mm and reach the focus point for shooting.


Techart PRO is super light and powerful. The adaptor weighs only 133g and is able to drive a lens system as heavy as 700g.

The World’s First Autofocus Adapter for Leica M Lenses

Примеры фото, выполненных с объективом Carl Zeiss Planar 2/50 Leica M:

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